Bella Via Italian Ristorante – Brookfield, IL

My husband was hungry for seafood, so we decided to go for Italian. We were able to buy a $25 gift certificate through for $4.

The restaurant had a nice atmosphere with brick walls, arched pass throughs, candles, white table clothes, etc. Our waiter was a motherly type who paid much attention to our daughter. However, she expressed her opinions a bit too strongly and tended not to listen to us.

For instance, we decided to order the spaghetti for our kids ($6.50); the waitress suggested mostaccioli instead, saying that would be easier for our daughter to eat. However, I know that she does not like thick pasta, so I said spaghetti would be fine. The waitress continued to insist until I agreed, and, just as I expected, my daughter didn’t eat much. My son, however, liked it.

The portion sizes were plentiful. We were served both regular bread and a thicker, pizza style bread with red sauce on it in addition to fresh parmesan cheese. My husband got the salad with his meal, and I had the minestrone soup, which was absolutely delicious.

(My husband’s Orecchietta Napoli)

My husband ordered the grilled baby octopus as an appetizer ($10.95), but the serving was so generous (including grilled veggies), he could have eaten that for a meal. He ordered Orecchietta Napoli (sautéed mussels & pasta in garlic and oil) for $15.95 as his main meal. He did not care for the pasta and rich sauce in this meal and would have been happy just ordering an appetizer of mussels.

I ordered the Cheese Ravioli for $9.95 and liked it. However, the minestrone soup was the best part of the meal.

(My cheese ravioli)

The food was so plentiful that we had enough leftovers to feed us for lunch the next day.

Our real trouble came when it was time for the bill. Our waitress wrote it out exactly like this:

43.35 (food)
4.30 tax
4.30 tax
8.50 tip (which she automatically added as recommends) 35.15 total

I brought it to her attention that she wrote down the tax twice, and at first she insisted she had made no error. When she finally realized the error was hers, she apologized profusely and brought back a bill that showed our total as $31.15, which it should have been.

She scanned my credit card and brought back the receipt. It had $31.15 as the total, and for the tip line, she wrote in another $8.50 even though she had already included the $8.50 tip in the original total. Again, it took awhile to convince her that the error was hers. When I left, I was still not sure that my credit card would be charged the right amount.

In the end, we spent $31.15, +4.00 for the certificate, totaling $35.15. We saved $25.

While the food was plentiful and the atmosphere was nice, based on the expensive price of the entrees and the trouble with our waiter, we will probably not go back.

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