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Save or Make Money for Your Priorities

Do you have a priority that is trumping all others right now?  Trying to think of quick ways to make or save some money?  Here are some quick ways to get some money together right now. Make or Save Money Fast Eat out less – My husband and I eat out several times a week. … Continue Reading

Why having a dining out budget is important

It’s no secret that my family likes to go out to eat. We know that we like to do it, so we make sure to include it in our budget. We try to employ various strategies (Groupons, sharing entrees, drinking water) to stretch our dining out budget and for the most part, it works. We’ve… Continue Reading

My Dining Out Challenge: Frozen yogurt

Self-serve frozen yogurt is proving to be a bomb detonating my dining out budget. As a kid, I loved frozen yogurt. TCBY and a local place saw a good deal of my money (mainly because I could walk there). It was nice because it was a bit healthier than ice cream and sometimes less expensive,… Continue Reading

Top 3 Tips to Stay Within a Food Budget

Mr. BFS and I have been slipping with our food budget over the last couple of months.  But now the holidays are over, we’re getting back to our normal routines.  Here is how we are trying to stick to our $500 a month or less food budget. Document It Our first order of business when… Continue Reading

Do Leftovers Play A Role In Your Dining Budget?

Leftovers are a lovely treat at the end of a meal, for those that can stand to eat them. I’ve always been a leftover kind of person. Some things are even better the next day, typically things like chili, soups, and meats that soak up the spices they’ve been cooked in and present a stronger… Continue Reading

Dining out Vs eating in

I come from a big family. One that’s currently, always on the go. Even my own family is growing quickly and always out and about. When it comes time to grab a bite, it’s really hard to make the choice for eating in vs dining out. There is an argument for eating in that states,… Continue Reading

Eating Fast Food: Staying On Budget

We were halfway home from our vacation, and we were starving. Unlike our drive to our destination, we hadn’t packed healthy snacks to eat along the way; instead, my husband and I found ourselves debating the merits (and demerits) of various fast food chains we passed along the highway. “Too greasy,” I commented when my… Continue Reading

Plate Sharing While Eating Out

My family and I just got back from eating out at a restaurant that used to be out of our price range. We’d go in, sit down, take one look at the menu, and realize that we were going to blow our dining out budget big time. Nevertheless, we’d remain in our booth, ordering not… Continue Reading

Two for 20 Meal Deals

I don’t know about you, but when I go out to dinner, I like to go all out. That means ordering an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. But dining out on a budget is easier said than done, and it’s almost impossible to do if you’ve limited yourself to just $25 a week.… Continue Reading

Why I’m Increasing My Grocery Budget

I’m a failure. Each month, my husband and I set aside $100 for eating out. By adhering to the $25 a week rule, we’re almost always able to stretch that money out for an entire month. Sometimes, we even have a little left over at the end of the month, which roll over into the… Continue Reading