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Eating Out On Vacation: Setting Your Travel Budget

If you’re reading this, then I’m likely at the beach, soaking up some sun (while slathered in 35 SPF lotion, of course), listening to the waves crash and, if my children are cooperating, reading a good book. I’ve been looking forward to my family’s beach getaway for months now; I’ve been saving up our vacation… Continue Reading

My Parents’ Influence: Old Habits Die Hard

I was a junior in college the semester I met the man who would one day become my husband. For our first date, I expected him to take me out to dinner; instead, he took me bowling. That kind of thing, it turned out, was second nature for my husband. In his family, which included… Continue Reading

Establishing a dining out budget

For a lot of people, when they first start to focus on getting out of debt or developing a budget, they look at their spending in two categories: food and dining out. My husband and I were not alone in this. When we got serious about paying off our debt, we had to take an… Continue Reading