Johnnie’s Beef – Elmwood Park, IL

Last week when we went to Café Cubano, we passed a nearby restaurant, Johnnie’s Beef, and saw a line of people that wrapped around the building. When I went home and read some online reviews, it was rated highly. People seem to LOVE Johnnie’s, so my husband and I decided to try that restaurant this week.

Seriously, people wait in a long line for this food? I truly do not understand. I am going to go against Chicago tradition here and just be honest—I did not enjoy this restaurant at all. We do not plan to go again.

Italian Beef & Sausage Sandwich

I read online that Johnnie’s is best known for their Italian Beef and Sausage ($3.92), so that is what my husband ordered. He thought it was just alright and found it to be dry.

Hot dog & fries

My son and daughter each got a hot dog and fries ($1.92). The poor little hot dog was lost in all of the bun, although my son is happy with any hotdog, so he was happy. So was my daughter.

Italian Sausage & fries

I ordered the Italian Sausage ($2.68) and fries ($1.25). The sausage came on French bread, but again, the sausage was lost in all of that bread. I found the sausage to be greasy and not very tasty, so I ordered a hot dog and fries instead. I gave half of the hot dog to my son because again, it was just too greasy.

The only item we truly enjoyed at this restaurant was the lemon ice ($1.75). I would go back for that, but nothing else. It is nice that the food is so cheap, but who cares about price when it tastes terrible?

We spent $18.46 for the meal.

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  1. These type of sandwiches can be dry, but many people (including myself) order the sandwiches "juicy" or "dipped" where they dip the bread into the sauce that the beef is sitting in. It can be a bit messy, but it definitely solves the problem of a dry sandwich and it tastes amazing!

  2. ha. the best is when the sweat drips off the guys forehead into the italian ice. the salt from the sweat brings out the flavor of the lemon. seriously though, not sure what the deal was on your trip but the beef is the best. probably dry cause you didnt ask to dip it. also, hotdogs are not their thing (hence why they are $1 with fries) and im pretty sure the sausages are supposed to be only in the combos which why the bread didnt fit. but in anycase, try again but say “wet and hot” when u order the beef or combo.

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