Three Tips to Keep You Safe Shopping Online

The following is a guest post. After years of dealing with hostile Black Friday crowds, fighting with people over gaming systems, and long lines in the checkout counter, the majority of shoppers have turned to online shopping. Most consumers have made a purchase of some type online, and many continue to use the Internet for… Continue Reading

Alternative fancy dress ideas

The costume industry has ballooned in recent years with the success of Halloween and the year-round popularity of fancy dress parties. While the variety of styles and costumes has increased, the prices have as well—making it harder and harder to have unique fancy dress ideas on a budget. You don’t want to spend £100 on… Continue Reading

How to Dress for a Formal Event

In today’s smart-casual world, we don’t often get a lot of occasions to actually wear formal clothes; for that reason, when a formal event does arise, the pressure to find the right outfit can be enormous. Whether it’s a classy evening wedding reception or a fancy charity gala, if you follow these simple guidelines there’s… Continue Reading

Top 3 Tips to Stay Within a Food Budget

Mr. BFS and I have been slipping with our food budget over the last couple of months.  But now the holidays are over, we’re getting back to our normal routines.  Here is how we are trying to stick to our $500 a month or less food budget. Document It Our first order of business when… Continue Reading

Do Leftovers Play A Role In Your Dining Budget?

Leftovers are a lovely treat at the end of a meal, for those that can stand to eat them. I’ve always been a leftover kind of person. Some things are even better the next day, typically things like chili, soups, and meats that soak up the spices they’ve been cooked in and present a stronger… Continue Reading

My Favorite Deals

I love eating out.  Seriously.  Mr. BFS cooks a fantabulous dinner, but we like treating ourselves too.  Lately, we’ve spent a pretty penny on housing, so we are trying to cut back everywhere else.   Here’s how we’ve been pulling it off lately. I haven’t done it often, but we’ve used twice to save… Continue Reading

White Rice The Power Food

I’ve actually wanted to write about white rice for some time now and since the last post was about eating eat, let’s talk about eating in. When we eat in around here, one of my favorite things to cook with is White Rice for more than just the delicious taste. Preparation  White rice is crazy easy… Continue Reading