Saving money on groceries

When you hit the grocery store for your weekly or monthly shop you know how quickly the trolley piles up and the bill rises. Saving money on groceries is one of the easiest ways to cut back on expenses, but it’s not always feasible to save on items you may feel are essential. Instead of… Continue Reading

Finding Yummy Food Anywhere

My husband and I have all sorts of hobbies.  My husband is a sports official and enjoys Curling, the ice sport.  I have pet sitting and blogging.  We both enjoy traveling and occasional gambling.  And we really enjoy eating. Finding the Foods Our main vacations are in Las Vegas, Louisiana, and taking cruises out of… Continue Reading

Saving Money on Textbooks

Planning a student’s budget, especially on financial aid, is tough. Techniques for making your money last often focus on things like not eating in restaurants, making your own coffee at home, shopping at second hand stores and soon. One of the biggest expenditures of a college education, though, is your required texts for courses. The… Continue Reading

Saving Money At High-End Restaurants

I’d had it. For months, I’d been frequenting the same handful of restaurants, knowing they offered budget-friendly fare that maximized our efforts at saving money while eating out. I’d grown so comfortable at these casual restaurants that the waiters and hostesses there had started to recognize me (although, it might have been that they recognized… Continue Reading

Complain When Necessary

When I was in college, I went with a few of my friends to a local restaurant. One of my friends ordered a chicken sandwich; after she had eaten a few bites, she discovered it was raw in the middle. I am not talking pink, but absolutely raw in the middle. Although she was not… Continue Reading

Save or Make Money for Your Priorities

Do you have a priority that is trumping all others right now?  Trying to think of quick ways to make or save some money?  Here are some quick ways to get some money together right now. Make or Save Money Fast Eat out less – My husband and I eat out several times a week. … Continue Reading