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Finding Yummy Food Anywhere

My husband and I have all sorts of hobbies.  My husband is a sports official and enjoys Curling, the ice sport.  I have pet sitting and blogging.  We both enjoy traveling and occasional gambling.  And we really enjoy eating. Finding the Foods Our main vacations are in Las Vegas, Louisiana, and taking cruises out of… Continue Reading

Saving Money At High-End Restaurants

I’d had it. For months, I’d been frequenting the same handful of restaurants, knowing they offered budget-friendly fare that maximized our efforts at saving money while eating out. I’d grown so comfortable at these casual restaurants that the waiters and hostesses there had started to recognize me (although, it might have been that they recognized… Continue Reading

My Favorite Deals

I love eating out.  Seriously.  Mr. BFS cooks a fantabulous dinner, but we like treating ourselves too.  Lately, we’ve spent a pretty penny on housing, so we are trying to cut back everywhere else.   Here’s how we’ve been pulling it off lately. I haven’t done it often, but we’ve used twice to save… Continue Reading

Happy Hour Isn’t Just For 20-Somethings

It was 2005. My husband and I were newlyweds; we were also broke. But I, always the completely useless housewife, had used up my limited repertoire of simple dinner recipes. So instead, my husband and I found ourselves spending another Friday night at the bar down the street from our second story walk up, eating… Continue Reading

Papa John’s Free Pizza Deal

I know that technically, eating out means leaving your house, driving to a restaurant, and letting someone else do the cooking and cleaning up. But sometimes, this frazzled, time-strapped mother of two is willing to forgo the whole “eating out” scenario as long as I don’t have to cook. That’s where today’s meal deal comes… Continue Reading

BBQ Restaurant Budget Boost

My husband is from Texas. We live in North Carolina. I think those two facts alone should give me the proper credentials to discuss one of our family’s favorite types of food: barbeque. The Four BBQ Styles Generally speaking, BBQ falls into four main styles: Texas, Carolina, Kansas City, and Memphis. Sure, there are other… Continue Reading

Two for 20 Meal Deals

I don’t know about you, but when I go out to dinner, I like to go all out. That means ordering an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. But dining out on a budget is easier said than done, and it’s almost impossible to do if you’ve limited yourself to just $25 a week.… Continue Reading

How To Discover New Restaurants

If it were up to my husband, we’d always go to the same restaurant every time we went out to eat. He’s fallen in love with the authentic Mexican restaurant a few miles from our house. He loves the chips and salsa, both of which are made fresh in-house – the salsa is even made… Continue Reading