Why having a dining out budget is important

It’s no secret that my family likes to go out to eat. We know that we like to do it, so we make sure to include it in our budget. We try to employ various strategies (Groupons, sharing entrees, drinking water) to stretch our dining out budget and for the most part, it works. We’ve… Continue Reading

How Lists Help Us

“Make a list.”  That’s what I said to my wife recently when she was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  With my recent annual bonus, we had decided to give ourselves a bonus too.  We, as I am sure many people do, give ourselves a monthly allowance or fun money.  So, when the bonus satisfied all pressing… Continue Reading

Counting Calories: On The Menu at McDonald’s

Cruise down the aisles of your nearest grocery store, and you’ll notice one similarity among all the boxed cereals, canned soups, and bottled juices: a nutrition label. In 1990, Congress passed the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act, which required all food manufacturers to affix nutrition labels to their products. Ever since, you haven’t been able… Continue Reading

Smart Tactics for Every Consumer

Researching, Avoiding Emotional Spending and More Are you considering a large purchase or investment? Do you need more (or some) money left at the end of each month? When is the best time to make – or not make – a purchase? Consider these smart tactics for every consumer: Set a limit on discretionary expenditures.… Continue Reading

My Dining Out Challenge: Frozen yogurt

Self-serve frozen yogurt is proving to be a bomb detonating my dining out budget. As a kid, I loved frozen yogurt. TCBY and a local place saw a good deal of my money (mainly because I could walk there). It was nice because it was a bit healthier than ice cream and sometimes less expensive,… Continue Reading

Habits of Successful eCommerce Store Owners

It can be challenging to run a successful eCommerce business, but you can take inspiration from others who have successfully started and run such businesses. Success only comes from hard work and discipline. Sometimes the discipline is in cultivating particular habits that make it more likely you will succeed. Understand Your Business Goals and Vision… Continue Reading

Visual Calorie Infograph

This is a pretty sweet (no pun intended) infograph that tells a story of calories. Some of that story includes what your body would do if you consumed 68 hot dogs in ten minutes…yuck! This infographic is brought to you by QuickQuid. Continue Reading

Home Improvement Without Breaking the Bank

One of the “perks” of home ownership is the responsibility for repairs and improvement. On the one hand, this can be great, because you have control over what you do. The colors are all your choice, the styles are uniquely yours. On the other hand, though, you can’t just call your landlord to come fix… Continue Reading

Strapped for Cash? Have No Fear

Do you absolutely need cash right now? What is it that you need cash for? Is it your car payment? Your home mortgage? Or is it something a little less important? Before you just start trying to dig up cash fast, it’s important to know the difference between a want and a need. The options… Continue Reading