Use Swagbucks to Earn Free Certificates

Have you heard of Swagbucks? You search the internet through and you can win swagbucks (usually 10 to 40 per day depending on how often you search the internet). Then, you can buy gift cards with your swagbucks.

How does this help us dine out more frugally? One of the gift cards is for $25 from This gift card only costs 400 swagbucks, which you could earn in a month or two just for searching the internet as you normally do.

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  1. Since 450 points is a $5 coupon on Swagbucks, I'd be more likely to spend the $2 for 80% off coupons and use Swagbucks for amazon. I did find that if you buy up the 80% coupons, you can later trade them when new stuff is up on the site for no fee. You just call it in. A few months ago, I bought something like 20 of the $25 coupons for $2 each, most for the same couple of restaurants, and when we want to go out I'll call up and ask to switch if we want to go somewhere different. They always politely e-mail me a credit and I can pick a new place. 🙂

    If you sign into first, you get 15% back on your coupons. It's not much, but it adds up!

    If you're not an Ebates member, you can sign up directly and get $5 for signing up, or you can use my referral link and we both get $5 for signing up:

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